As you all will know, Halloween is just around the corner in fact its three days away so for all you people out there who are over-exited and cant stop talking about it, us my Group Chat made especially for Halloween 2014. Talk about what your doing this year, what your dressed as, even use it on the night to update your status. Find it at www.chatstep.com/#Halloween2014 Supply a Nickname enter the password as halloweenconvo and hit join

Please share the link over various social media with friends and family, Also don’t worry about your privacy, chat logs and usernames are not stored permanently and no details are needed!

Pinterest-Design Board

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Come and take a look at my pin board dedicated to||Design|| on Pinterest, i will be collecting items from all around the web which i think are a nice touch to the board, please send in any pictures you think might be nice to add to the board and credit its source. If you have an account be sure to follow me


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Billetus Carbon Fibre wallet

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So I was scrolling through my emails as part of my daily routine, as you do, and came across an advertisement “the only wallet you can trust” and decided it was interesting reading for my blog.

Basically if you use your wallet through day to day activities and find it is overflowing with notes, coins, cards and receipts that interfere with your active lifestyle this wallet is probably good for you. The Billetus Carbon Fibre wallet is thin and strong so you can literally trust it to take you through your day.

It has areas to keep notes flat, it wont break to easily, stays in your pocket and is half the thickness of a regular wallet!





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