iPhone 6

As the recent apple product the [iPhone 6] was announced on the 10th of September there have been many new features added, in this article we approach these and possibly see a little of its bad side.




So one of the more obvious differences to the previous designs is the screen resolution, it (according to Apple) has the same pixel count as the 5s but will supply people with a higher resolution and pixel count. Not only making it better it is due to launch on the 19th of September 2014 alongside with the iPhone 6 plus with a slightly bigger screen!
There will also be an iPhone watch gadget which will come with loads of cool features but the authorities warn anyone caught using the device while driving could be fined up to £100 or 2 years in prison!

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The very Organised Thief

So, i originally heard of this game on Youtube and decided to play it myself. The objective is that you are a thief in somebody’s house and your aim is to search the house and take things that you have written on your checklist, towards the end of the short game the owner will return home and you have to escape from him with all of your loot. Depending that you have obtained the correct items will be given a rank, the highest rank being A very Organised Thief. This game is played in your browser on Gamejolt, and to play the game yourself click the picture below.

My score:

organised thief

Chewing Gum

This is probably going to be one of my very random posts, but i went to the corner shop today and began my usual snack searching routine (In which I look for snacks to eat while Minecrafting or blogging which I don’t really do often) then i saw something orange poking out of the shelf and decided to buy it. I realized that its been out for ages and I cant believe i haven’t found it ages ago! Its called 5 gum which is obviously a brand of gum, i got the crisp tropical flavor which i am chewing right at this moment. -now remember guys, please don’t litter your chewing gum on the street-

click the picture to go to their official website.