Since the end of last year i began using Instagram a lot more frequently, i began doing weekly tasks/posts to help me stay updated. So i will now transfer this regularity to WordPress, every week from now on i will be posting my highlights/recommendations for the week this will consist of music, TV shows, and games i am doing this as a thing for the new year and to share the wonders of life with you guys…

Solarmax 2

This is an elegant time management game in which you colonize planets and become the dominant species, majestically designed and a must play. When i find the embed code you should be able to play directly from here but for know go to http://gamejolt.com/games/strategy-sim/solarmax-2/27796/

Heroes (we could be) Alesso

I believe this song is relaxing and inspirational, i might create a music video related to The 100 for this…

Finally, I recommend as a TV show, The 100

Season 1

Season 2



No Glory In The Process

Recently i watched a you tube video on Tyler Oakley’s Channel, he mentions a quote he discovered “No glory in the process”

I interpreted this in my own way although many others may have looked at it differently, I thought about this and decided that instead of letting my followers and everybody else know whats in development, what i am working on and what you will see in the future…I need to STOP! think like this. If i keep letting people know they will most likely be bored and think, “why on earth are you telling me this if i cant use it” ? well i’ve taken on board some advice from Tyler’s video and decided that actually there is “No glory in the process” and i should take action instead of ranting about what could be. Hope you enjoy the video and be sure to subscribe to Tyler here.

Zoella [popsicalls]

I recently whatched a video on Zoella’s channel on YouTube. The video was a quick tutorial of what to do when you have to make Christmas treats and fast so I decided to take it up as some inspiration to make my own 👻 so I began.

You will need:
•Candy canes
•lolly pop sticks
•non stick baking tray/plate and tin foil
•white or chocolate of your choice

Step 1: Arrange the candy canes into a love heart formation, if they are too long for a sensible size, cut them short.

Step 3: Melt your chocolate and spoon it into the heart shape, place in freezer until hard. Enjoy as a Christmas or General snack

Life Tips [2]

It’s time for life Tips again! Let’s begin…

1) Firstly you must learn to let go of things and accept that they are gone. It’s hard but you will gain a lot from it,


2) Gratitude, be grateful for the littlest things in life as we all take then for granted, maybe one day we will realise they were big things.


3) Set up an inbox for everyone in your household, even in our digital age we still get piled up with bills, party invites and magazines, create a box/area for your mail to be kept so you can be free from clutter!

4) Release anger, not with violence but in a calm and peaceful method. Holding on to anger creates frustration and more anger.


6)Picture your dream and you will have higher chances of reaching it…




The end

Never be afraid to accept the end even if its early because new things come.

Life Tips [1]

Life tips is a new weekly idea that I have come up with. I will collect many life improvements to try out and put them into a list for you to enjoy 🙂

1: Little quote for you guys.


2: Avoid drama, most happy people keep to themselves and try not to get involved in “flash mobs” and who said what to who.

3: Look on the bright side, I know it’s easier said than done but if you do you will realise the change!

4: very true.


5: And finally follow your passion, happy people aren’t afraid to wake up one morning and decide their job is sad and leave it, make small changes to reach your passion.


Image credit for 4 and the last: Google
Image credit for 1: here